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Keeping Your Email Marketing List Happy

Making Sure Your Email List Doesn’t Get Stale

Email marketing has been found to have such a significant ROI that most businesses, regardless of their size, are either currently capturing emails on their website or landing page, or plan to do so soon. According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), the expected ROI on email marketing in 2009 is $43.65. Email marketing’s ROI in 2008 (also per the DMA), was over $45 for every dollar spent.

So there’s little question that email marketing can be an extremely effective strategy. But once you’ve implement an email capture system on your website or landing page, how do you ensure that your list subscribers stay on the list, and open your emails?

Create Value in Every Email

Every email that you send to a subscriber should have some kind of value to them. That value can be found in an informative article that your subscribers would find interesting, links to new articles on your blog or website, a coupon, or news of upcoming sales and specials.

Another way is to increase the value of your mailing list is to include, if appropriate, occasional free gifts. These don’t have to be tangible products. Even something as simple as a 5-10 page report on a topic of interest to your subscribers. For example, an online store that sells wedding favors might compile a 5 page report entitled “10 Things You Should Know Before Choosing Your Wedding Favors”.

Send the Right Number of Emails

You want to find the right balance between staying regularly connected with your customers, and overwhelming them with too many emails. For many businesses, sending a monthly newsletter-style email with information about upcoming events, and including a subscriber-only coupon, is enough to keep their business in the mind of their subscribers. For other businesses, such as those that are seasonal in nature, an appropriate schedule may be once a quarter in the off-season, but then every week leading up to and during their busy time.

The analytic information provided by your email marketing provider can help you to determine the best schedule for your subscribers.

SEO Can Help Drive Internet Sales

Growing a business online can be a frustrating and difficult task to undergo. Many local Michigan businesses owners think that it is enough to simply place a website for their business on the Internet, and that traffic and sales will take care of themselves.

If this is your mentality, then your business will only begin to falter more, as your sales and traffic are routed to your competitors whose properly optimized site is ranked above yours in the search engine results pages.

It does not have to be so difficult however, and with the help of a professional internet marketing service provider, you can begin to see results as an effect of proper search engine optimization in a short amount of time. Through careful planning, and expert implementation of several key SEO techniques, an Internet marketing provider can drive your website to the top of the listing.

When your website is able to surpass the competitions’ in the search engine rankings for particular keywords, you will begin to generate all of the sales and traffic instead. It is important to remember that search engine optimization is one of the best things that can be done to help your website develop a presence online.

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Building a Solid Foundation

Many businesses are unclear about what search engine optimization (or SEO) is. Performing “SEO” on a website won’t magically bring it to the top of the search engine results, or attract a flood of traffic intent on buying your product or service.

Search Engine Optimization is instead the process of optimizing your site to eliminate any barriers to the search engines. Building a solid foundation through proven optimization strategies prepares your website for an online marketing strategy.

So what does this foundation entail? This is a question to which you’ll find no end of answers. Much of the information you’ll come across online is outdated. If you ask your favorite website designer, their information may be just as current. The problem is that the search engines, especially Google, are regularly tweaking the algorithms that they use to evaluate and rank web pages, and only search marketing experts are focused on keeping up-to-date with the latest in this industry.

In fact, Google is currently preparing to roll out an update, code named “Caffeine”. While the primary purpose of this update seems to be to improve their infrastructure to be better equipped to handle the evolving nature of the Internet, and search itself, there are also some changes to the algorithm Google currently uses.

Because of this ever-changing landscape, the best plan for SEO is to cover the basics. Page titles that are unique, descriptive and persuasive. Page descriptions that draw the searcher to click on your listing and visit your website. High quality content that informs and educates. Clean website code, visitor and search engine format sitemaps, updated RSS feeds. Clear navigation structure that both website visitors and the search engines can follow.

Before you invest in marketing your website in an effort to increase your rankings in the search engine results pages, consider having an SEO Audit done. An audit can identify any areas of the site that should be improved, so that you have a solid foundation from which to build your Internet presence.