Paid Search – Pay Per Click

Paid Search – Pay Per Click

Targeted traffic can make or break your online business. And Pay Per Click (PPC) traffic is one of the fastest ways to deliver customers to your website. But it requires expert management in order to create profits instead of eating them up.

So what exactly does an effective PPC manager need to know? First of all, there’s a big difference between “traffic” and “targeted traffic”. When you’re paying for traffic (as you do when you use PPC), tens of millions of web surfers clicking onto your website could generate huge profits if all of them stop to shop. Or it could mean huge expenses if none of them shops there.

So an effective PPC manager can literally make or break your profits depending on their knowledge of your products’ keywords and your customer’s search engine habits.

You’ll need someone who can develop a successful ad campaign strategy that includes in-depth keyword research, the ability to write compelling and targeted ad copy, and the talent to design landing pages that customers want to click through in order to find your product or service. And that’s just the beginning.

You’ll also need someone who knows how to monitor and analyze bidding on the keywords, and who can work within a budget to get the results that meet your goals. And of course, you’ll want someone who can track all of these activities, as well as the conversion rates (people who both click on the ads, and buy your product or service). And it’s important that your PPC manager be able to communicate clearly about the success of the campaign, and make intelligent suggestions for changes that will attract even more targeted traffic.

If managing a Pay Per Click ad campaign sounds complex and time consuming, that’s because it is. Done well, it can be one of the most effective ways to generate ongoing targeted traffic (meaning people who “buy” rather than just “look”) to your website, creating an ongoing stream of revenue for your business.

In addition, a well designed and well managed PPC campaign can give you valuable information about your customers’ buying habits. You will have custom market data from the search terms they use that will help you be able to offer more customized products and services.

Hiring an experienced and effective Pay Per Click management team is one of the best investments your can make in your online business. This is one area where it is definitely wise not to cut corners. It pays to buy the best Pay Per Click management expertise that you can afford, because you will truly get what you pay for.