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Leveraging Popular YouTube Videos

Video has become a very effective force in the marketing world. People love to watch videos online. Even some television shows are getting ideas from popular YouTube videos.

While your business can benefit from the popularity of online video to help build links back to your website, it can sometimes be difficult to catch the attention of the online public without a large video budget, or some great creative ideas.

By using Youtube Video responses, you can piggy-back on the success of related videos, by posting your video as a comment. Because popular videos often have many comments, video response comments stand out more. You’ll get more views to your video, and you also will gain a linkback from the popular video page.

You can also create video responses between your own videos, by linking them together through the comments.

A video response can be as simple as a video of you making your comments. Or it can be a video article that relates to the topic.

Using the YouTube video response feature is just another way for you to get the most out of the marketing dollars you allocate to online video.