Social Networking

Social Networking

Build Your Company Brand through Social Networking

For many years people have used conversation and word of mouth to build their company brands. This technique is a natural and effortless way to get people to notice your company and build awareness. Word of mouth advertising is also one of the strongest endorsements a company can receive. It is human nature for people to trust the statements and recommendations that friends and acquaintances give a business.

A common question that internet businesses or businesses that are trying to establish themselves on the internet have is “How do I get that word of mouth endorsement online”? The answer is through the use of social networks. By researching the demographic of the visitors that each network attracts you can create a presence on the internet that will both establish and promote your company brand image. The word of mouth endorsement comes through the comments or contribution of the people who read your content and visit your site from the social networking platforms.

This is also an excellent way to expand your brand awareness to new target markets. Let’s say for example that your company generally targets people who are 30-45 years old. Now maybe your product is also attractive to someone who is 19-30 years old, maybe the younger market has been harder for you to reach with your current campaigns and messages. This is an example where leveraging your companies presence on the social media networks that cater to this age group would create a great opportunity for you.

You could target these sites with the sole intention of widening your market. You could also then create a message that would bring brand awareness to this particular demographic. This is a great way to extend beyond just age to broaden your customer base and get people talking about the products and services that your company has to offer. You could also take this a step further and create different pages within your website to serve each demographic, you could then direct each group from the varying networks to the specific page and message on your site. This serves as a powerful way to create a buzz about your brand and encourage people to book mark your site or talk about it on their pages within other social networks that they visit. Utilizing these methods, before you know it your brand will benefit from the same powerful word of mouth advertising online as it does off line.