Building an Email Marketing List

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to market your business online. Whether or not you actually sell a product or service online, adding this tool to your online marketing strategy is an excellent idea.

Some businesses are particularly concerned about spam, and I’ve come across more than one business owner that was confused about the difference between spam and permission marketing.

With permission marketing, a visitor to your website is offered the opportunity to sign up to your newsletter, or to receive special bonuses, such as a free report, coupons good on their next purchase, etc. in exchange for their email address.

When set up correctly with a service like or, subscribers have the option to unsubscribe from your emailings at any time, keeping you in line with the CAN-SPAM legislation.

As long as you are including information of value, such as a regular newsletter or informational articles related to your product or service, about 2-3x more often than you send emails that solicit business, through coupons, notifications of special offers, etc., your subscribers will typically remain on your list.

CU Innovative Marketing has set up email-based mailing lists for several of their clients. To learn more about how you can implement an email mailing list into your online marketing strategy, visit today.