Credit Union Email Marketing

Credit Union Email Marketing

Customer Retention and Reactivation through Email Marketing

The one that got away is not only reserved for big fish stories, it may also be a statement about the customers who are visiting your website. Unlike your physical storefront where your top salespeople are ready and waiting at the door, your website silently welcomes visitors twenty four hours a day. How then do you make certain that the needs of your customers are being met even when they do not make a purchase?

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be the answer to this very question, by offering your customers a carefully and professionally orchestrated campaign. This message in the form of a newsletter or sales announcement can help visitors remember you.

Customers may then come back to purchase after they have left your site. How do you get your customers to readily give you their information and agree to receive your offerings? You have to ask them; by using a well-placed, optimized offer you can easily get visitors to agree to receive mailings from your company. You will also have to let them know that they can trust that mailings you send out will be on a regular and non intrusive basis and that you will not be sharing this information with anyone else. It is also important to remind them within your email why they are receiving a mailing from you. Consumers are offered many opportunities a day to become part of a companies mailing, so it is important to let them know how they came to be on yours. You will also need to give subscribers a way to remove themselves from your list as well. By implementing these simple strategies you can insure that your customers place trust in you and the offerings of your company.

What about Existing and Previous Customers

Using an effective email campaign can help you to reactivate your existing client or customer list as well. You can appeal to previous buyers by letting them know about upgrades or complementary products to the product they have already purchased. This can help to boost revenue and refresh your customers memory as to what your product or service offerings are. Another way to successfully reactivate an existing customer base is to survey your buyers and make sure they are satisfied with their purchase. You can achieve this by inviting them through email to visit a page on your site and participate in your survey. By placing the survey on your actual site the likelihood that they will stay and browse is much greater than offering the material as the body of the email. How then do you get previous customers from your offline business to visit you online? There are several ways, you can place a guest book in a prominent position in your off line store and have customers include their email information. You can also use your direct mail list to let them know they are missed and to visit your website the next time they are online.

How Do I Get Started?

CU Innovative Marketing can help you plan and execute an email marketing strategy that both helps you to boost revenue and gain a better understanding of who is visiting your site and why they may or may not be buying.